About Us

SAD Paintball Club was formed in March 1993 and debuted in the Midlands 10 man League, Division 2. We won our first match, but then went on a losing streak that lasted 12 months losing match after match. It wasn’t until late 1994 that we won our first trophy at NPG Survival Games in Uttoxeter where we finished 4th. Over the next few years the team embarked on an annual recruitment campaign, with which we recruited several long standing players, we eventually hit our purple patch in the mid 90’s when we started to win more games than we lost. Following our first trip abroad where we finished 4th at the Belgium Open, we also won most sporting team. This gave the team the confidence boost they needed, returning to the UK as a stronger team. More success followed as we became to be reckoned with in the Midlands and the North. In the 10 year history we collected over 100 trophies! In 2013 on the 20th Anniversary of SAD the team reformed to compete in the CPPS in Penkridge, Staffordshire.