Mark Dale Training Day with Marvel

Last Sunday for our first training of the new year, we teamed up with team Marvel and Mark ‘Twizz’ Dale as a coach along with one of the Tigers for the day. Initially starting off with a warm up and some sliding drills which were really useful for not ruining your knees or falling over face first (That was done by a few of us) but we all learnt well!

After a few sliding drills we played a few points against one another giving a good few games starting with the teams for the coming season. Once we played a few points we progressed onto some breakout drills, running and gunning is harder than it looks! With a coach like Twizz we were all soon improving on our shooting; a lot of us got shot during these drills and shot a load of paint too!

Throughout the day we continued with more drills and a few 1v1s with some of our newest players, to improve some fundamental skills. The improvement was huge in such a short space of time, this is one of my favourite things to see in the team. Looks like we’ll have team to compete against for the coming season.

We had a few new players come down on the day fitting in nicely with the team and all trained and played hard! All will fit in nicely into our club and into a team comfortably. May I say a big thank you to Twizz, Marvel and Jack from DV8 for coming down and training with us, it was a great day for all!