Tier 1


Born March 21st 1993, disbanded 2003 Reunion event 2013 led to a number of original players reform and play CPPS division 5. The team finished the season taking third place overall, and collecting three podiums along the way. Round 5 that year the team took 1 place with 10 wins out of 10. 2014 saw the team renter the leagues in Div 4 with a new squad, but with the same ethos and approach to the game. A number of near misses and a string of 8th places were frustrating and not reflective of the progress the team was making. However the team managed a convincing 3rd place at the final round, and 6th overall. The 2015 season, the team has a simple goal enter the race to 2 format in Division 3, and gain promotion to Division 2 this they achieved by a mixture of great play and good fortune. Finishing 3rd place at round 5, and with one of the teams finishing above them pulling out of the league, SaD UK secured their promotion to Div2. The core 2016 lineup is virtually unchanged, with Captain Andy Lovatt-Smith electing to name 5 reserve players, two of whom he will call up for each leg. Their challenge is to win Division 2, with the new club deals in place, and the roster they have a good balance of age, and experience. Anything less than promotion to Division 1 will be seen as a failure, how will they fare?

Tier 2


Originally formed in 1995 to accommodate the growing number of younger players attracted to the sport, reformed in 2014 for exactly the same reason. The main focus of SaD Too is to establish themselves as the premier team within the club, not content with playing second fiddle to the first team. 2015 was a mixed season for the team, with numerous changes enforced on the squad by the club management, as they were looking to strengthen the first team. Nonetheless the team acquitted themselves well during the season, it was argued that a stable squad would have enabled a serious push for the Divisional title. The 2016 squad features a number of changes, with two aggressive younger players joining the squad, with no changes set to hit the squad will this be their year, stepping up to Division 3 will provide a challenge for them.


The team was formed to accommodate the growing competitive membership within the club, initially set up to run in parallel with SaD Academy, but soon realised that this team needed to be anchored a level above SoBs, providing an increasing competitive platform for our developing young talent. XS is made up of a mixture of experienced returning players, keen to hone their skills and challenge for places in senior teams, veteran players happy to help newer players develop, and players promoted through the SaD Academy sides and SoBs. A strong finish to the 2015 season in Div 4, expect these guys to be pushing for promotion, with five members of the squad named as reserves for SaD UK, expectations are high, can they deliver.

SAD Legion

Completely rebuilt squad for the 2016 season, Captained by Josh Campion and featuring a lineup of new club members, ranging in experience from seasoned players, players returning to the sport and a couple of new guys eager to develop their skills. The team have been training hard over the winter in readiness for the CPPS 2016 season, where they will debut in Div4. If these guys can gel quickly they have the potential to cause many teams problems.

Tier 3

SAD Old Boys

As above, but focused on a slightly wider age range, 20 to 60+ A more focused on field team, but still laid back and fun off field. With a regular appearance of the old veterans of the club, who when playing provide a significant on field presence, and on field coaching. Will complete in the Div5 CPPS league and other select events, with the support of an on/off field coach at all events from within the club. Players have the opportunity to progress within the club structure, or within another club.


Tier 4

SAD Academy

Teams identity is synonymous with SaD long standing approach to paintball. Fun first, if your not enjoying it….with a clear focus on developing and supporting young players aged 12 to 18. Will complete in the lowest leagues, with the support of an off field coach at all events from within the club. Players have the opportunity to progress within the club structure, or within another club. In 2015 the SaD Academy ended up winning the Breakin Championship taking two podiums along the way. With a brand new intake of youngsters for 2016, we will be fielding two squads for the season ahead, the youngsters have been in pre season training since December, are they ready, can the better the class of 2015.

SAD Academy Too

With the same focus as the Academy team, the Academy Too squad will compete in the same Division however these players are over the age of 19.


Woodland Teams

SAD Tactical

Big Game, Scenario, walk on team

SAD Company